The Baidyabati Municipality was inaugurated in 1869. To keep the moving of daily life smooth, some duties are practically unavoidable to a municipality ; such as construction of street and lanes, drainage system, infectious diseases, sanitation, cleaning of dustbins, keeping the updates of birth and deaths, smooth moving of vehicles, etc. Though it’s very easy to say, but practically the job isn’t so little. In the years 1969 & 1970 is remarked as the year of indiscipline condition in the history of the Baidyabati Municipality. And it was 1972, when finally the Centenary Celebration was arranged successfully and a new age of empire was set up, whose fruitful result we are enjoying now.


Baidyabati, among all the human-inhabitants set up at the riverside of the Ganges in the district Hooghly, bears a special respect in its own ground. The story which carries the history of the proletariats hidden beneath the dark Hogla-bushes of the riverside, which was lately known as “Dirghanga”, became popular as “Baidyabati” and witnesses the gradual progresses of the inhabitants towards the welfare of the society is called as “History Of Baidyabati”.